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Beware online ;filter bubbles;小心网路的“过滤气泡”Mark Zuckerberg, a journalist was asking him a question about the news feed. And the...the journalist was asking him, ;you know, why is this so important?; And Zuckerberg said, ;a squirrel dying in your front yard may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.; And I wanna talk about what a Web based on that idea of relevance might look like.祖克柏,一名记者问他关于动态通知的问题。然后...这名记者问他:“你知道,为什么这个这么重要呢?”而祖克柏说:“现在,一只你前院里即将死去的松鼠也许比在非洲垂死的人还更和你的兴趣有关。”而我想聊聊关于一个建构在那种关联的理念之上的网站看上去可能是什么样子。So when I was growing up in a really rural area in Maine, you know, the Internet meant something very different to me. It meant a connection to the world. It meant something that would connect us all together. And I was sure that it was gonna be great for democracy and for our society. But theres this kind of shift in how information is flowing online, and its invisible. And if we dont pay attention to it, it could be a real problem.所以当我以前在缅因州一个非常乡下的地区长大时,你知道的,网路对我来说意义非凡。它代表着一个和全世界的连结。它意味着一个把我们都连结起来的东西。而且我确信它对于民主及我们的社会将是很棒的。但是在资讯是如何在网路上串流方面,有个这样的转变,而且它是看不见的。而如果我们不关注它,它会是个真正的问题。So I first noticed this in a place I spend a lot of time: my Facebook page. Im progressive, politically, big surprise, but Ive always, you know, gone out of my way to meet conservatives. I like hearing what theyre thinking about. I like seeing what they link to. I like learning a thing or two. And so I was kinda surprised when I noticed one day that the conservatives had disappeared from my Facebook feed. And what it turned out was going on was that Facebook was looking at which links I clicked on, and it was noticing that, actually, I was clicking more on my liberal friends links than on my conservative friends links. And without consulting me about it, it had edited them out. They disappeared.所以在一个我花了很多时间的地方第一次注意到这个:我的脸书页面。我在政治方面是革新派的,很吃惊吧,但是我一直,你知道的,努力去接触保守者。我喜欢听他们在想什么。我喜欢看看他们和什么有所联系。我喜欢学点东西。而因此我有点惊讶,当有一天我发现那些保守者已经从我的脸书动态消息失踪了。结果所发生的事情是脸书在注意我点过哪些连结,而它注意到了,其实,比起我保守派朋友们的连结,我更常点击我自由主义朋友们的连结。而没有询问过我,脸书就已经将他们的消息给删除掉了。它们消失了。So Facebook isnt the only place thats doing this kind of invisible, algorithmic editing of the Web. Googles doing it too. If I search for something, and you search for something, even right now at the very same time, we may get very different search results. Even if youre logged out, one engineer told me, there are fifty-seven signals that Google looks at: everything from what kind of computer youre on to what kind of browser youre using to where youre located that it uses to personally tailor your query results. Think about it for a second: there is no standard Google anymore. And you know, the funny thing about this is that its hard to see. You cant see how different your search results are from anyone elses.脸书并不是唯一在做这种看不见的、运用演算法的网路编辑的地方。Google也在这么做。如果我搜寻某个东西,然后你也搜寻某个东西,即使现在、就在同一时刻,我们可能会得到非常不一样的搜寻结果。即使假如你已经登出了,一位工程师告诉我,有五十七个信号Google会审视:用来量身打造你的搜寻结果的每件事情,从你用什么样的电脑,到你正在使用哪一种浏览器,到你所处位置。想一下:再也没有标准的Google了。你知道,关于这件事有趣的地方在于它很难发现。你无法了解你的搜寻结果和别人的有多么不一样。But a couple of weeks ago, I asked a bunch of friends to Google ;Egypt; and to send me screenshots of what they got. So heres my friend, Scotts screenshot. And heres my friend, Daniels screenshot. When you put them side by side, you dont even have to the links to see how different these two pages are. But when you do the links, its really quite remarkable. Daniel didnt get anything about the protests in Egypt at all in his first page of Google results. Scotts results were full of them. And this was the big story of the day at that time. Thats how different these results are becoming.但几个礼拜前,我请一些朋友去Google“埃及”,并寄给我他们得到的荧幕截图。这是我朋友Scott的荧幕截图。而这是我朋友Daniel的荧幕截图。当你将它们并排,你甚至不必去阅读那些连结就可以知道这两个页面有多么的不同。但是当你真去阅读那些连结,它是真的非常引人注意的。Daniel在他第一页的Google搜寻结果里完全没有得到任何有关埃及抗议事件的东西。Scott的搜寻结果里满满都是它们(抗议事件)。而这(抗议事件)在那时是当天的头条故事。这些搜寻结果变得那么的不同。So its not just Google and Facebook either. You know, this is something thats sweeping the Web. There are a whole host of companies that are doing this kind of personalization. Yahoo News, the biggest news site on the Internet, is now personalized: different people get different things. Huffington Post, the Washington Post, the New York Times: all flirting with personalization in various ways. And where this...this moves us very quickly toward a world, in which the Internet is showing us what it thinks we want to see, but not necessarily what we need to see. As Eric Schmidt said, ;It will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not in some sense been tailored for them.;所以也不是只有Google和脸书。你知道的,这是某件正在横扫网际网路的事。有一堆公司都在进行这种个人化。Yahoo新闻,网路上最大的新闻网站,现在也个人化了:不同的人得到不同的东西。哈芬顿邮报、华盛顿邮报、纽约时报:全都以不同的方式玩弄个人化。而这个...这非常快速地将我们运往一个世界,在那儿网路正在展示给我们看它认为我们想要看到的东西,但不必然是我们得要看到的东西。如同Eric Schmidt (Google董事长)所言:“对于人们来说,去观看或是去消费在某些感觉上未曾为他们量身订做的东西,将会是非常困难的。”So I do think this is a problem. And I think, if you take all of these filters together, if you take all these algorithms, you get what I call a filter bubble. And your filter bubble is kind of your own personal, unique universe of information that you live in online. And whats in your filter bubble depends on who you are, and it depends on what you do. But the thing is that you dont decide what gets in. And more importantly, you dont actually see what gets edited out.所以我的确认为这是个问题。而且我想,如果你用全部这些过滤器,如果你用所有这些演算法,你会得到一个我所谓的过滤气泡。而你的过滤气泡有点像是你在网路上所处的,你自己私人、独特的资讯宇宙。而你的过滤气泡中有什么,取决于你是谁,也取决于你的所做所为。但重要的是,你并不会决定什么东西可以进来。而且更重要的,你并不会真正看到什么东西被删掉了。So one of the problems with the filter bubble was discovered by some researchers at Netflix. And they were looking at the Netflix queues, and they noticed something kind of funny that a lot of us probably have noticed, which is there are some movies that just sort of zip right up and out to our houses: they enter the queue; they just zip right out. So ;Iron Man; zips right out, right? And ;Waiting for Superman; can wait for a really long time.所以过滤气泡其中一个问题被Netflix(美国最大DVD影音租售企业)的某些研究人员给发现了。他们注视着Netflix的影片候选清单,注意到某件我们很多人可能也已经注意到了的有点有趣的事情,那就是,有一些电影就好像立刻被封入信封而送出到我们的家里:它们进入候选清单;它们就立刻封好寄出。所以“钢铁人”立刻封好寄出,对吧?而“等待超人(教育纪录片)”会等上很长一段时间。What they discovered was that in our Netflix queues theres kind of this epic struggle going on between our future aspirational selves and our more impulsive present selves. You know, we all want to be someone who has watched ;Rashomon,; but right now we want to watch ;Ace Ventura; for the fourth time. So the best editing gives us a bit of both. It gives us a little bit of Justin Bieber and a little bit of Afghanistan. It gives us some information vegetables; it gives us some information dessert. And the challenge with this kind of algorithmic filters, these personalized filters, is that because theyre mainly looking at what you click on first. You know, you dont...it can throw off that balance. And instead of a balanced information diet, you can end up surrounded by information junk food.他们所发现的是,我们的Netflix候选清单中,在我们对未来期许的自我跟现在更有冲劲的自我之间有着好像这史诗般巨大的挣扎。你知道的,我们都想当已经看过“罗生门”的人,但现在我们想看第四次的“王牌威龙”。所以最棒的资讯编辑方式两者都给我们一点。它给我们一点点小贾斯汀和一点点的阿富汗讯息。它给我们一些蔬菜资讯;它给我们一些甜点资讯。而对这种演算法过滤器、这些个人化过滤器的挑战,是因为它们主要是观察你首先点击的东西。你知道,你并不...它是会破坏那平衡的。你最终会被一堆垃圾食物资讯给包围,而不是个平衡的资讯餐点。So, what this suggests is actually that we may have the story about the Internet wrong. In a broadcast society...you know, this is how the founding mythology goes, right? In a broadcast society, there were these gatekeepers, the editors, and they controlled the flows of information. And along came the Internet, and it swept them out of the way, and it allowed all of us to connect together, and it was awesome. But thats not actually whats happening right now. What were seeing is more of a passing of the torch from human gatekeepers to algorithmic ones. And the thing is that the algorithms dont yet have the kind of embedded ethics that the editors did. So if algorithms are going to curate the world for us, if theyre gonna decide what we get to see and what we dont get to see, then we need to make sure that theyre not just keyed to relevance. We need to make sure that they also show us things that are uncomfortable or challenging or important (This is what TED does, right?) other points of view.所以说,这事实上暗示的是我们关于网路所拥有的真相也许是错误的。在一个广播时代的社会中...你知道,网路兴起的神话是就是这样子流传的,对吧?在广播时代的社会中,有着这么一些守门员,编辑,而他们控制着资讯流。然后网际网路来临了,它将这些人一扫而空,并且让我们所有人连结在一起,而这是非常赞的。但那其实并不是现在正在发生的事。我们正在目睹的东西更像是将火把从人类守门员传递给电脑演算器守门员。而重点是,演算器尚未拥有编辑者所拥有的那种内建伦常。所以如果演算器要为我们策展这世界,如果它们要来决定我们可以看到些什么、我们不能看到些什么,那我们就必须确保他们不是只朝着关联性调整。我们必须确保他们也会展示给我们看令人不舒或具挑战性或是重要的东西(这就是TED在做的,对吧?),其它的观点。And the thing is, weve actually kind of been here before as a society. In 1915, its not like newspapers were sweating a lot about their civic responsibilities. Then people kind of noticed that they were doing something really important; that, in fact, you couldnt have a functioning democracy if citizens didnt get a good flow of information; that the newspapers were critical because they were acting as the filter, and then journalistic ethics developed. It wasnt perfect, but it got us through the last century. And so now, were kind of back in 1915 on the Web. And we need the new gatekeepers to encode that kind of responsibility into the code that theyre writing.问题是,以社会而言我们其实好像之前已经历过这些了。在1915年,报纸并不像是很忧心于它们的公民责任。接着人们有点像是发现了他们正在做某件很重要的事;发现了,事实上,如果公民得不到有效流通的资讯,你便无法拥有一个起作用的民主;发现了报纸很关键,因为它们扮演着过滤器的角色,于是新闻伦理发展出来了。它并不完美,但它让我们渡过了上个世纪。所以现在,我们在网路方面有点像是回到了1915年。而我们需要新的守门员,将那样的责任编进他们正在撰写的程式码中。You know, I know that there are a lot of people here from Facebook and from Google (Larry and Sergey), who, you know, people who have helped build the Web as it is, and Im grateful for that. But we really need you to make sure that these algorithms have encoded in them a sense of the public life, a sense of civic responsibility. We need you to make sure that theyre transparent enough that we can see what the rules are that determine what gets through our filters. And we need you to give us some control so that we can decide what gets through and what doesnt. Because I think we really need the Internet to be that thing that we all dreamed of it being. We need it to connect us all together. We need it to introduce us to new ideas and new people and different perspectives. And its not gonna do that if it leaves us all isolated in a Web of one.你知道的,我知道这里有很多人是来自脸书跟Google (赖瑞跟塞吉:Google创办人),这些人,你知道的,那些曾帮忙将网路建构成如今样貌的人们,而我对此非常感激。但我们真的很需要你们去确保这些演算法在其中有编入公众生活的概念、公民责任的意识。我们需要你们去确保它们够透明,以让我们可以看见决定什么可以通过我们过滤器的规则是什么。而且我们需要你们给予我们一些控制权,以便我们可以决定什么可以进来,什么不行。因为我认为我们真的需要网际网路成为那个我们全都梦想它实现的那个东西。我们需要它将我们彼此全都连结起来。我们需要它跟我们介绍新的想法、新的面孔以及不同的观点。而如果它让我们通通被隔绝在一个单人网络之中,它将无法做到那样。Thank you.谢谢你们。201504/371006

  The first four programmes this week have been about religions that have millions, or hundreds of millions, of followers, but 1,700 years ago there were far more religions in the world than today, and many, many more gods. Gods at this date tended to have strictly local responsibilities, not the worldwide embrace that were used to now. In Mecca, for example, before Mohammed, pilgrims worshipped in a temple which had a statue of a different god for every day of the year. Todays programme is about one of those numberless Arabian gods, that didnt survive the coming of Mohammed.本周我们为您带来的前4件物品有数百万或成千上万的追随者,约1700年前,世界上的宗教与神远比现在要多。当时的神多具有地域性,而非像现在一样通常为全球各地的人民信仰。例如在麦加,在人们追随穆罕默德之前,朝圣者们进神庙敬拜,每天敬奉的神像都不相同。我们这部分的最后一件文物便是献给后来被穆罕默德禁信的众多阿拉伯本土神祇之一的。His full name was Talab Riyam, meaning ;the strong one of Riyam;-a Yemeni hill town-and he protected the local hill people. Yemen in the third century was a prosperous place, a hub of international trade that produced some of the most sought-after commodities for the vast market of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and India. It was Yemen that supplied the whole Roman Empire with frankincense and myrrh.他的全称是塔拉布·里阳,意为“里阳的神”。里阳是也门的一座山丘城镇,而塔拉布庇佑着这里的山区百姓。公元三世纪的也门是个繁华之地,它是一个国际贸易集散地,出产一些在地中海、中东和印度市场都需求极大的物品,并为整个罗马帝国提供乳香和没药。Im in the study room of the British Museum, and Im holding the hand of a man called Wahab Talab. Its a life-sized hand, just slightly smaller than my own, made of bronze, and it is surprisingly heavy. Its very lifelike, but as its got no arm attached to it, it does look as though its been severed. But according to Jeremy Field, orthopaedic and hand surgeon at Cheltenham General Hospital, this is not the case:我现在正身处大英物馆,我们这只铜手的原主人名为瓦哈·塔拉布。它的大小与真人的手相当,仅比我的略小一号,由青铜制成,很有分量。这手看起来惟妙惟肖,但没有手臂,仿佛是从手臂上切下来一般。但切尔滕纳姆综合医院的整形外科及手外科医生杰瑞米·费尔德认为,事实并非如此:201507/385834



  作为2007年的TED大奖得主之一,爱德华·威尔逊代表所有的生物,提出我们应当关注生物圈的倡议,并且宣布要建立一个在线的百科全书,记录物种多样性。201501/355553Snow Plough Turns犁式转弯You got snow plough mastered你已经掌握了犁式滑雪You feeling very happy and confident, you can control you speed and that plough你会感觉非常高兴和自信 ,你能用犁式滑雪来控制你的速度。maybe even change the size a few times.犁式的尺寸也有一些变化Once you got that dialed, you can look a chance to change direction, and doing some your called “snow plough turn”.一旦你对犁式滑雪感到乏味,你可以找个机会来改变一下方向滑雪,做一些就是你们说的:“犁式转弯”。Everything being even at your snow plough, the ski wants to actually go that way, this ski wants to travel in this direction。在你的犁式滑雪过程中,每个动作都是平衡的。这个雪板要往这里来,这个雪板这个方向来if you keep everything even, the weight nice and centered,如果你保持平衡,重心居中you count each other that you got a straight line.两边抵消,你会走直线。What I’m do here is do what exactly Ive done before.在这儿做的所以的和我以前做的一样。Start to slide, pushing into a snow plough, and very very slightly push more on my right leg to actually change the direction and turn to left.开始滑行,犁式滑雪后用点力,仅仅非常非常轻的在右腿上用点力,来改变方向,向左转。Let’s have a go.让我们来练一次。So hands in front, looking forward, and Im gonna start to push more with my right leg and it start to wing, and take around to the left, so another go.手在前,身体朝前。我开始右腿用力了,当它开始转向时我向左转圈。再来一次。Make sure you start out a snow plough, pick up some speed, and turn the right ski more, and gently change the direction,确信你要开始犁式转弯时加点速度用在右滑雪板上的力量多点,轻轻的转方向。we are not linking the turns yet, we try it to the left, we now gonna try it to the right, so that’s left leg is gonna push out lightly harder.我们还没把每个弯连起来。我们尝试了向左,现在我打算试试向右。所以,左腿多用一点力,Again, trying watch!再试一次,看!I’ve got a calm upper body, not twisting. I’m just pushing harder with that left leg. Gently let the turn work.上身保持平衡,不扭转。只是左腿用力,轻轻转起来It’s not power steering, it won’t happen in split second, progressively, think it’s nice smooth turn, and rather than a sharp one.这不是甩尾,它不会发生在瞬间。而是渐渐地,我认为它是平滑的一个弯而不是急转弯。Let’s go again. You probably find that one direction easier than the other, that’s normal, but keep practicing and remember , turn the foot and the ski will come around让我们再来一次。你可能发现朝某一边比另一边要好转。那是正常的,但要不停的练习并记住,转动你的脚,雪板就会跟上。It’s now we can start putting the turns together, and actually linking them down then down the hill. Don’t think of it as massive change direction.所以现在我们不把这些转弯连在一起,然他们在下山时自然连接。不要把它作为一个巨大的方向转弯。Turning to the right ,turning that left ski, straighten up向右转时,把左边的滑雪板转动,放直。spend a moment facing down the hill, then you can actually start your next turn.花一点时间面向山下,然后开始你的下一个转弯。We want to avoid feeling of trying to turn one fast sweep.我们避免有“来一个急转弯”的想法。If you look back tracks , you gonna see a nice smooth “s” shape, as it supposed to “zig-zag”. Let’s have a go.当你回头看看你滑过的轨迹,你会看到一个流畅的S形而不是你所认为的Z形。让我们试一下。Push back of left ski, and start to turn across the hill,蹬左边滑雪板后部,开始转向。from here I can start push out back of right ski and point down the hill,从这儿我可以开始蹬右边滑雪板后面,向山下滑去if I keep pushing that right ski, I’ll gradually turn around to the left如果我在右边滑雪板用力,我会慢慢向左转圈。Remember , we want a smooth “S” not a “Z”.记住,我想要一个流畅的S而不是Z。Now we are linking the turns,现在让我们连起这些弯。Remember the basics: my arms in front, I’m looking ahead , and make smooth gently movements.记住这些基本动作:双胳膊朝前,头向下,慢慢地流畅的滑。Well done, first down skis. You should be feeling some control using the snow plough, and just have an idea, changing directions, gently down the slope.非常好。第一步完成。用犁式滑雪你会感觉到你能控制速度,慢慢在斜坡上改变方向The next time we gonna find much longer slope, not any steeper, but gonna give you more time to get into run下次我们找个更长的斜坡但不是更陡峭。让你有更多的地方练习转弯。and I’m gonna really work on your turns and feeling that extra control, we are going to look to lose that snow plough towards end of the turn.我真的打算教你好好转弯,让你感觉到你控制了怎样转弯.我们甚至打算在你最后一个弯时不用犁式滑雪。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201504/369094

  英语非常道 第13期:雅思高分学员称看美剧练英语最有效雅思高分学员现场解读:雅思高分是这样炼成滴~看美剧,练英语,学习两不误;跟读《国王演讲》,现场大秀地道英语口语,让人赞叹不已!边跑步边听《老友记》,雅思高分唾手可得!揭秘英语英语学习的真谛,雅思高分的秘籍,尽在“2011中国雅思盛典”,尽在《英语非常道》。201508/385188

  Lets see if these owners can understand what different barks mean.让我们看看主人们是否明白不同叫声的含义。Put them on the dog. Shes probably better to tell the difference than me.给戴上吧。她也许能比我更能辨别。Ok. Cant hear a thing. Its unhappy. It wants attention. Its frustrated.好了。什么也听不到。它不开心。它希望得到关注,很沮丧。I visualise him in an open space on a lead and he wants to be off and to go to somewhere or somebody.我能想像它在空地上,拴着链。它想挣脱锁链去别的地方或是找什么人。It sounds quite a happy bark. It sounds as if its playing.这叫声听起来蛮开心的。听上去它正在玩。To me, that sounds like youre just about to throw a ball for the dog and theres that level of excitement.对我而言,这叫声像是你正准备给它丢个球过去时它的那股兴奋劲儿。Its running all around you.它在你旁边跑来跑去。Its been identified that dogs can communicate at least six different emotions to us through their barks.我们已经能肯定能通过吠叫向我们传达至少六种不同的情绪。Thats why I know what youre thinking.所以我才知道你在想什么。That just proves, doesnt it, that dogs can talk by barking.恰恰明了能通过吠叫来沟通,不是吗。Back with our growing puppy. Shes not trying to communicate with us just yet.再来看看我们成长中的小。她目前还没想要和我们沟通。Only five weeks old, the puppies are still finding their feet and slowly gaining independence from their mother.它们才五周大,还在努力适应环境,慢慢从妈妈身边独立。Milk is replaced with a first tentative interest in water.对奶水的兴趣转向了对水的首次试探。The tip of a dogs tongue has tastebuds just for water.的舌尖有专门辨别水的味蕾。They create a desire to drink, which is important, as their natural diet of meat is high in salt.这些味蕾激发饮水的欲望。这很重要,因为它们天生吃肉,含盐量很高。But even the simple act of drinking is more complicated than it looks.即便是简单的饮水动作也比看上去复杂得多。Dogs curve their tongue into the water to create a large surface area to stick the water to.卷起舌头伸入水中增大与水的接触面积,让水留在舌头上。They pull it up into their mouth, snapping it shut before all the water escapes.再把舌头收回口中,在水流光前迅速闭上嘴。Its a surprisingly complex and beautiful process for such a simple daily requirement.这样异常复杂且美丽的过程,完成的却是如此简单的日常需求。And its also why dogs make such a mess when theyre drinking.这也是喝水时总弄得一团糟的原因。201505/376647


  Energy permeates the Universe...能量充斥在宇宙中driving the processes that keep it a dynamic,endlessly changing place.驱使着使宇宙 不断变动的过程So,we have matter, and we have energy.现在我们有了物质和能量The third thing we need to build a Universe is space...打造宇宙需要的第3样东西 空间Lots of space.You can call the Universe many things很大的空间 你可用很多方式形容宇宙Awesome...Beautiful...Violent.壮观 美丽 狂暴But one thing you cant call it is cramped.但你绝对不能说它拥挤Wherever we look, we see space...不管我们往哪里看 我们都看到空间And more space and even more space,更多的空间外 还是更多的空间stretching in all directions.往四面八方不断延伸Its enough to make your head spin.足以令你头晕目眩So,where could all this matter, energy,and space come from?这些物质 能量和空间从何而来呢?We had no idea until well into the 20th century.直到20世纪 我们才开始有概念The answer came from the insights of one man...来自一个人的洞见Probably the most remarkable scientist who has ever lived.可能是有史以来最伟大的科学家 已永远不在世上了His name was Albert Einstein.他就是阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦Sadly,I never got to meet him,可惜我无缘得识since I was only 13 when he died.因为他过世时 我才13岁201603/430722


  UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Time for the Shoutout.“大声喊出来”的时间到了!American scientist William James is known for his research into what subject?美国科学家威廉·詹姆斯以哪方面研究出名?If you think you know it, shout it out.如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it emotion, speech, reflex or biology?是情感、演讲、反射作用还是生物学?Youve got three seconds. Go.你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The philosopher and psychologist William James is known for his theories surrounding emotion.威廉·詹姆斯既是哲学家,又是心理学家,他以情感有关的理论而出名。Thats your answer and thats your Shoutout.那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Weve talked before how Internet companies like Google and social media sites like Facebook use the sites you visit and the subjects you like to help advertisers reach you. 我们节目曾探讨过像谷歌这样的互联网公司以及Facebook这类的社交网站利用你浏览的网站、你点的赞来为你推送广告。Its called data mining.这叫做数据挖掘。One thing thats new, technology that allows some computers to track your emotions while youre online. 在你上网时,电脑通过一些技术能监测你的情感,则是新鲜事。One thing thats not new, the privacy concerns.而并不新鲜的则是对泄漏隐私的担忧。 /201504/371048

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